gladiator rebellion

Queen Korra's Personal Escort

Enter the Underground Passage

Throw up the Sponge

Tentacles Ambushed

Going Deeper

Giant Encounter

Escape from the giant

Lightning Mage Strike

spoil of war
spoil of war

The Characters

female gladiator


She is a 32-year-old sword fighter from the land of Zaldam who was previously an adopted daughter who was later arrested and sold to a merchant from the land of Gerzal when the country of Zaldam lost the war and her adopted father died on the battlefield.

veteran gladiator


He is a 55-year-old veteran fighter who was convicted of the gladiator's arena for disobeying his superior's orders. They hope that he will die in the arena of gladiators, but it turns out Gorad actually triumphed in the arena of gladiators.

gladiator queen


She is the wife of a governor of the town of Elioran named Yelazar. Elioran is one of the big cities in Gerzal country, the city where the gladiatorial arena exists. Korra is a rebel leader, who aims to overthrow Yelazar, her own husband. Encouraged by a deep sense of jealousy, Korra begins to gather support and troops to make this plan a success.

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